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If you are looking to hire a cleaning company in Boca Rato or anywhere this is what you should know before inviting any them into your home. Your carpets are one of your largest investments in your home and they should be properly maintained.

An obvious sign that your carpets need to get cleaned are when you start to see traffic lanes. This means the area in your carpet contains oil residue from the street and will lock in dirt and begin a process called “oxidation” which will cause a color change in the area and become permanent if not cleaned right away. Another obvious sign to get your carpets cleaned is if you have pets and they have an accident on your carpet.

Not all carpet cleaners are the same and unfortunately some are not qualified to clean your carpets. It’s very important that when you start calling these carpet cleaning Boca Rato companies that you ask these specific questions to determine if they are right for the job. First question you should ask is, “Are your technicians certified to clean the carpets?” Most carpet cleaning companies have the latest tools and equipment but if the technicians are not trained properly to use the system then you’ll see poor results. Another question to ask is, “Are your cleaning solutions environmentally friendly?”

Now that you know when to clean your carpets and how to select the right carpet cleaning company it is also important that you don’t over pay for these service. There are a couple different pricing structures that these companies use. The first pricing structure is per room rates which makes it easier to understand and calculate over the phone. If you have two rooms and each room is $25 then the cost estimated would be $50.

Now that you understand the importance of cleaning your carpets and how to select the right carpet cleaning company, you will probably approach it in a whole new way.

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